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Halliwell-Phillips ( Prominent Rhymes and you can Garden center Reports , p

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Halliwell-Phillips ( Prominent Rhymes and you can Garden center Reports , p

J. O. 272, 1849) produced no remark abreast of a form of the track which he published instead of a track, and i suspect he had maybe not read they sung, because the guy didn’t connect it to Jack Miller inside the later book quoted above. The adaptation he offered is actually named the new “Beggars out-of Ratcliffe Fair.” Almost all the beggars’ names given inside version is actually Welsh. H. F. Lippincott ( A Shakespeare Jestbook , Elizabethan Education #20, Salzburg, 1973) described earlier comments on the about three outlines of Jack Miller’s tune, however, nothing of them appear to have cause even an effective tentative identity having any understood tune. I’ve now made one that I am hoping will sit. This can be as much as i can carry the subject on present.

I do want to give thanks to Peter Kennedy toward tape recording from Francis McPeake’s song and you can McPeake’s grandaughter, Kathleen McPeake, getting their own help. I additionally increase owing to Jennifer Reducing of one’s Western Folklife Cardio, Collection of Congress, Arizona, D.C. getting transcription of one’s song.

[Sorry, There isn’t persission to put the fresh new song here. From inside the construction it’s slightly like “Bragandary”, B541, and you may “Derry’s Reasonable” are contempoary to your initial mention if this, however, do not genuinely have enough of “Derry’s Reasonable” to help you over highly recommend a potential relationships.]

Bonny Nick the latest Currier

Full mickell is actually my personal greefe, & far more try my personal paine [John out-of nere got Happy big date, y t exact same to own information ile saye [Sphere later on untill it was ye first of it same blessed Maye Existe thou runt & millmar howe thou runt & millmar thou’t forsake y yards the to possess bonny Nicke the latest Couryare till Passing when you look at the verie knowledge, dated gronting ffilde had slaine [ffilde = John out of

What foull unwell ought i doe wt to the therefore auld because he [foull-fool,on-step one ays favour ye ffeilde so you’re able to grafe through to y age tree [pun to your partner whoz twigs yong & sensitive beinge laden with sappe he or she is my personal onely Joye, ays lull him within my lappe Existe thou runt, &c

Ays gange so you’re able to Shuckeshill my personal dapper Nicke & We & buss this defte yonge chap, o exactly who shall it refute ays hugg your during my armes, due to the fact my personal higher Joye & existence nay meare after that this ille doe, to own ayes be their wife Hay thou runt, &c

Believe me bonnye Nick y t ile perhaps not thee forsake since the while the ffieldes performed live, thou mickle paines didst shot currie my buskins well, & neatly slender my shewe so i need certainly to declare, thou artwork a beneficial louer genuine Existe thou runt, &c

Part 2, mainly Scots

Ays promote thee attire really skinny, and come up with thee great & gay & we shall gange so you can kirke, y age xx th with the exact same Will get in which i for the deal with of them, y t there is going to all of us behoulde Wees get married & knit y e knot, of the thou mayst end up being boulde Existe thou runt, &c

As i have inked anywhere near this much, ays hie so you can thee in bedd to own ay alive because of the ye quicke, & proper care perhaps not to possess y elizabeth deceased feel blithe thus my personal lad, & corage attempt thee for non but one at once should invited be in my experience [you to definitely, ane?] Existe thou runt

Thie face doth myself alure Panamanian kvinnor för äktenskap thie tonge doth myself intice of that it thou mayst make certain, for thou hast forced me to nice ays kisse & clench w t thee, my owne sweet bonny lad thous make y elizabeth bed cry Jigg, & ays build thee full grateful Existe thou runt, &c


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