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About Online Software and Meetings

In a company that has multiple locations and remote team members it’s difficult to get everyone in one room for meetings. Online video conference software allows clients and coworkers to connect via video for business calls and webinars, or virtual presentations. The best online video conference software goes beyond video chat and include whiteboards as well as direct collaborative features that let participants interact in a virtual meeting just as they would in a face-to-face meeting. Other features that are useful include calendar integrations and the ability to capture videos of Online Meetings and Software the session to be used in the future for references.

When selecting an online meeting program, companies should take into consideration the features and costs to ensure they receive the best value for their dollars. Some online video conferencing programs cost per user, whereas other are free. Users should also check additional charges, such as storage space or subscriptions.

Signing up to try a demo or trial is a good option to test an online videoconferencing program. This will give users the chance to test how the platform works with their preferred tools, including calendars and apps for managing projects. It is also important to test the program’s performance and stability. A high-performing online video conference software will have a great uptime record and 24 hour support.

Gatheround is an online meeting program which encourages team bonding and interaction by providing customizable templates and Ice-breaker activities. Its unique feature of member-matches groups attendees to stimulate conversation and prevent them from feeling left out or isolated.


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